Re: Referencing ceils on other page

Le lundi 18 juin 2007 à 12:54 +0200, Patrick Begou a écrit :

I'm quite new with gnumeric. I'm using the address function to obtain 
the address of a cell located in an other page:

Ex: on page 'Feuil2' I search the occurence of the A2 cell in 
Feuil3!A1:A5  and get the address of the cell located at this line and 
the 4th column.

This give me :
but I would like to obtain
to get the value of this field with 'indiect'

I try many solution without success:
indirect(Feuil3 address(match(A3;Feuil3!$A$1:$A$5;0);4))

Can someone help me ?

You might use this formula in a first cell:
then use indirect with the previous cell as argument.

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