Re: How to build a program that can read the content of a very simple MS Excel file?

Thank all you!

I still have another question:
I'm trying to get the binary format of MS Excel file with this book, excelfileformat.pdf from
In part 2.2.2, page 11, we have:
The following table lists names of possible streams.
Stream name :
Book:                                                  BIFF5/BIFF7workbook stream (➜5.1.3)
Workbook:                                         BIFF8 workbook stream (➜5.1.3)
<05H>SummaryInformation:                  Document settings
<05H>DocumentSummaryInformation:   Document settings
Ctls:                                                    Formatting of form controls
User Names                                         User names in shared workbooks (➜10)
Revision Log                                         Change tracking log stream (➜10)

I just care about BIFF8/8X. Is this all streams that exist in BIFF8, and no more stream used? (In fact that my excel file, which I told before, only have 3 streams: Workbook, <05H>SummaryInformation, <05H>DocumentSummaryInformation). Is all content of a excel file (content of cells) stored in Workbook stream? Is length of Workbook stream unlimited and the usual value, 4096 bytes, just a min length of Workbook stream?
Please help me to know more clearly!
Thank in advance!


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