Re: use gnumeric with a different language on win XP (cont)

Pedro Lino wrote:
This is the answer to the email posted by Simone Bernacchia on April 20th

I use a windows XP italian version, but need, in order to make it use
to my wife, that is an almost english speaker only, to run Gnumeric in
english. I read on the help online that is possible on linux to use a
different locale setting starting from shell, but is that possible
from windows too?

Right click on My Computer, choose Properties, click on the Advanced
tab, click on the Environment Variables button. On the top window, click
on New and on the New User Variable, type LC_ALL in the Variable Name
field and "en_US gnumeric &" without the quotes in the Variable Value field.

The next time you login all menus should be in English.

Enjoy Gnumeric under Windows!

I believe in fact that the "Variable Value" field should contain "en_US" only - the other part is used from a Linux shell to actually start Gnumeric.


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