Re: strings in gnumeric / awk / etc.

Uri David Akavia wrote:
In order to keep security ...

I do NOT see, why security is an issue here.

This is NOT the way Excel executes macros. Indeed, such script would NOT be run automatically when loading a spreadsheet, BUT only when the user specifically clicks on a specific Menu Command.

And, *IF I can run gawk on a machine, I can do it outside of gnumeric, too.* I do NOT need the access within gnumeric, to execute a gawk script (and potentially compromise the computer). This security issue claim really does NOT have any substantial hold.

BUT, if users are afraid for their security, then it would be easy to implement a checkbox: 'Allow running of gawk scripts'. Users who would like to use this feature would have simply to check it. I would do it without any hesitation.

Just my 5 cents.

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