Re: Strings in gnumeric: implementing a gawk pipeline

Leonard Mada wrote:
When the string is NOT found, instead of reporting a value of 0 (or -1), gnumeric reports an ERROR (#VALUE), thus breaking any further operations dependent on this result.

You can use the if() and iserror() functions to cope with cases where the search string isn't found. This can make the formulas long, repetitive and unwieldy, but it does work.


What I really want is an easy way to run gawk scripts within gnumeric, i.e.:
- gnumeric should open a bidirectional pipeline to gawk (gawk supports this)
- (advanced: when macros will be implemented => gnumeric should recognize the shebang line (e.g. #!gawk -parameters...), and use the correct program, in this case gawk, for the particular script)

This would be a *huge* security hole. awk's system() function would external commands to be run from within the spreadsheet, plus the standard I/O functions would permit modification of other files.

These are problems that you'll probably get from any scripting capability, but I'd hope they could be handled in a better way than the MS Office all-or-nothing approach to macros; invoking external awk scripts doesn't seem a solution to me.

- olly

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