Bug Buddy failure!

I managed to crash Gnumeric 1.7.0 (on Ubuntu Edgy) three times trying same operation.

Had one spreadsheet (xls, opened in Gnumeric), added a sheet, copied a region from another file (wb3, opened in Gnumeric), tried paste. Bang.

On third try, I'd opened a new spreadsheet and copied the wb3 info there first, then copied again.

So then I thought I'd use Bug Buddy. Not so good!

"Bug Buddy has encountered an error while submitting your report to the Bugzilla server. Details of the error are included below.

The component specified doesn't exist or has been renamed. Please upgrade to the latest version."

For the record, things work in ooffice 2.

Maybe this is known. If so, I'll try to upgrade asap, though it's easier to use Ubuntu package updates.


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