Re: OASIS: Infix Operator "^"


get of the soapbox and switch to decaf.

You are confusing a file format -- where you could write all
expressions in Morse
encoded RPN if you liked -- with how the GUI shows and interprets expressions.

As for what the GUI should do with -2^2, the situation is that (1) it
does a well-
defined thing, (2) you do not like it, (3) we all understood that, (4)
it disagrees
with what most mathematicians do, (5) it agrees with what computer
scientists have been doing for ages, and finally (6) your style is close to
getting you on everyone's "ignore" list.

It's a definition.  It cannot be "right" or "wrong", but it can be "unusual",
"surprising", "inconvenient", and a number of other things.  It's in the same
class as "is 1 a prime?" and "what is the value of 0^0?"  Different fields
need different definitions and that is fine.  Just spell it out.


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