Re: "Fill down" and numeric integration

Le lundi 12 février 2007 à 10:24 -0800, keflavich a écrit :
I have two mostly separate questions that google and many forum searches were
unable to provide the answer for.

First, is there any equivalent to the XL "fill down" and "fill right"
commands in Gnumeric?  I know you can drag the lower right corner of a box
to fill, but that's a huge pain when I'm working with thousands of cells,
most of which are off screen.  Dragging a selection box has also had
unpredictable effects at times (e.g. scrolling 4000 cells then stopping).

you have a menu for that: Edit/Fill/Series

Second, is there any way to do numeric integration in Gnumeric?  Are there
any plugins to do integrals?  I'm guessing not, since I couldn't find any,
but maybe I don't know where to look.

Not that I know, but it should be easy to add one (or several). Anyway,
you should be able to do that with the existing functions.


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