LWN mention + charting UI improvements

This week's LWN contains a piece comparing Linux and Minix, the charts
used looked a bit familiar but it wasn't until I read the comments that
I realised they'd been created with Gnumeric.

The editor had trouble adding a key (to indicate which colour is Linux)
and a caption (to say which is better, long lines or short ones) so he
simply didn't have them in the article.

I remember that I had some similar trouble at first with Gnumeric's
chart engine. Once you're used to it there's a lot to be said in its
favour, but when a new user first tries it there's not a lot of
hand-holding available.

Is there something that can be improved here, to make charting features
more discoverable ? Jonathan Corbet is a fairly smart guy, my guess is
that if he can't use it, at least 90% of spreadsheet users can't either.


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