Gnumeric 1.7.4 Released

Gnumeric 1.7.4 aka "*This* is a Release!" has been released.[*]

This release fixes lots of long-standing, but mostly hard to provoke, crashes.
Thanks to "Sum1" for provoking and reporting them.

Morten Welinder
on behalf of the team

[*] The ill-fated and very appropriately named version 1.7.3 aka "This is not a
Release" had a fatal flaw.  The list of changes below covers both versions.

Gnumeric 1.7.4

Eduardo Lima:
        * Make printing support optional. [#331948]

Jon KÃ¥re:
        * Fix another clipboard crash. [#362993]
        * Fix encoding of mailtos. [#148550]
        * Fix crash in sheet label context menu. [#363261]
        * Fix crash when deleting same sheet from two views. [#364082]
        * Fix crash reading inconsistent file. [#312010]
        * Remove "deactivate all" button from plugin manager.
        * Fix crash due to invalid border line type. [#364658]
        * Fix crash on loading Excel file with unusual text box. [#340293]
        * Fix loading Excel files with unusual cell merges. [#331190]
        * Update window list when closing view. [#366335]
        * Fix crash when attempting to edit locked cell. [#367870]
        * Fix initial sizing bug. [#368825]

        * Rewrite expression relocation logic.
        * Add accelerator (Alt-=) for auto-sum.
        * Make paytype handler more flexible.
        * Fix DIF import/export.
        * Add accelerator for group/ungroup and inc/dec indent.
        * Make clipboard faster.
        * Support exporting only visible content to clipboard.
        * Fix checkbox objects.
        * Fix splash.
        * Fix crash.
        * Make auto filter combo a real widget.

Joseph Pingenot:
        * Add more conditional format types.

        * Basic life support for perl-loader.  [#362911]
        * Fix csv problems.  [#359269]
        * Fix crash deleting and adding sheets. [#363549]
        * Fix jump-to-area crash.  [#363977]
        * Fix search crash.  [#364085]
        * Fix IPMT, PPMT issues.
        * Start fixing issues with sheets being deleted underneath a
          dialog.  [#364291]
        * Fix undo/redo problems in cases where all sheets might become
          temporarily hidden.  [#366477]
        * Fix crash relating to workbook disposal.  [#366570]
        * Fix edit-line weirdness.  [#367870]
        * Cleanup g_free and g_strdup calls.  [#369661]
        * Fix undo for sheet object copy.  [#308300]
        * Fix redo for sheet object copy.  [#308300]
        * Add a bugzilla component for bug-buddy.  [#348829]
        * Make WorkbookView a more proper gobject.
        * Fix autosave crash.
        * Handle parsing of "2005/12" and "12/2005".
        * Handle parsing of "1-10" in non-date cells.  [#376090]
        * Handle new documentation format in the function selector.
        * Improve formula editor a bit.
        * Fix sheet object selection problem.  [#376866]
        * Fix ssconvert error handling.
        * Fix RATE.

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