Re: how to attach toolbars again (old gnumeric)

Just found  a file ~/.gnome2/Gnumeric which caused the problem.

bash> cat ~/.gnome2/Gnumeric

Removing the whole file attached the toolbars again.


"a" == andersvi  <andersvi extern uio no> 24/09/06:

    a> Hello list.  Im running an old version of gnumeric (v. 1.2) on
    a> some old fedora installs here.

    a> I tore off my toolbars from gnumeric one day, and now im not
    a> able to attach them to gnumeric again.  There are no items in
    a> any menu (as on newer versions), and no respons when moving
    a> them anywhere over the main-window (also as in newer versions).

    a> There must be some startup-file or session-file somewhere where
    a> this can be fixed.  No?

    a> Upgrading wont solve my problem at the moment.  Anybody knows
    a> how to get them toolbars to stick again?

    a> Thanks.

    a> -anders

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