Re: New Gnumeric icon


Good work on the icons, they have class. Here are some thoughts...

At 24x24, when placed on a panel (or in a menu), the sheet background
looks like a mess. The white border of the icon gains undue importance
while the grey of the white cells, grey of the grey cells, and grey of
the cell separators all fade into one another and into the panel
background. See attachment.

Also the squareness of the overall icon makes it less recognizable than
a square and round bump of the old icon. Perhaps making the dark grey
row names cells smaller and ending the sheet sooner would help your
chart 'poke out' to break up the square icon.


On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 14:22 -0200, Vinicius Depizzol wrote:
Following the new Gnome Icon Theme, Tango Desktop Project is
creating[1] a lot of icons for applications that doesn't  use the
newer guidelines.

I created Gnumeric icon according to the actual[2] and this is the result:

- Graph on center:
- First row/col darker:
- Graph with default colors of Gnumeric:

What do you think? Comments?


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