Python plugin on Windows

This question has been asked a few times already,
but I dare to repeat it.

Is there any hope that we will get the Python plugin in the MSWin
version of Gumneric any time soon now?

I think it is of strategic importance.
I am using Excel heavily in my classes,
and my students already jokingly tell that the main lesson
from these classes is that the only reason to use MSWin is

To be able to convince heavy spreadsheet users that Gnumeric is an
alternative they have to be able to get the full functionality in
Windows first (so they do not feel they already burned their bridges
back). To show the full power of Gnumeric, the Python plugin is
necessary. I think that only when we can show those people in MSWin what
Gnumeric does, we start convincing them that they do have other options
OSwise also.

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