Re: spreadsheet dates

Ok, sit down and take a deep breath.  Make sure you sharp objects are within

Excel's numbering which Gnumeric follows incorrectly assumes that
the year 1900 was a leap year.

Evidently, OOo did not follow that crap, but that means that if you import
xls files with dates before 1-Mar-1900, then you will see different dates
(although they might try to patch things up -- an inherently impossible
task to get 100% correct).



If I do this in gnumeric 1.5.5, I get

      0  1899-12-31
      1  1900-01-01
  33105  1990-08-20

But in 1.1.4 I get

      0  1899-12-30
      1  1899-12-31
  33105  1990-08-20

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