Re: Unreadable File in Gnumeric

Le dimanche 11 septembre 2005 à 02:38 +0000, Scott Ballantyne a écrit :
I posted a bug report about this, but I am wondering if anyone has had
this problem and knows of a work around.

I created a file, names, addresses, telephone numbers, that sort of
thing, and now it won't open. Gnumeric starts to read the file, but
crashes partway through the reading process. It looks like it might be
a stack stomping bug, just a guess, from the gdb output.

This is Gnumeric 1.4.3, FreeBSD 5.4. Gnome 2.10.1.

Thanks for any suggestions, as I would really like to retrieve my many
hours of work.

I don't find this bug on bugzilla (which # is it?).
Is your file a gnumeric, xls or other file?

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