Re: HTML encoded spreadsheets?

Does the HTML open correctly in Firefox? If not, you've got badly formed, mangled HTML, and I don't  see why 
Gnumeric should bother opening it more correctly than FireFox.
"Created by Excel" does not seem sufficient reason to me, I could be wrong. What do the developers think?

Uri David

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From: Oliver Burnett-Hall <olly burnett-hall co uk>
Date: Sunday, September 11, 2005 7:45 pm
Subject: Re: HTML encoded spreadsheets?

David Stanaway wrote:
Maybe my vendor is going out of their way to make a dodgy
file? EG, save as web page, then renaming the file to .xls and 
ignoring> the warning.

From your description of what you're receiving, it sounds like 
they are 
going (in Excel) 'File' menu -> 'Send to...' -> 'Mail recipient'.  
starts a new message in Outlook, converting the current spreadsheet 
HTML and bunging it in the message body.  The resulting message is 
useless even if you have Excel.

[Note, I don't have Excel here so can't check this, but it sounds 
the type of format you get from this]

The simplest way to fix this is by taking your clue stick and 
persuading them to use 'File' menu -> 'Send to...' -> Mail 
recipient (as 
attachment)' instead.

- olly
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