Re: how to scroll through autocompleted text?

Jody Goldberg wrote:
When typing some text into a cell in a worksheet where a previous cell already contains the same text, that previous text automatically shows up in the new cell, so you just have to type the first few letters and then press Enter.

However, if there are multiple previous cells containing similar but slightly different text, then the one that autocomplete chooses (which I think is just the most recent one) may not be the one you want for the new cell. As you type more, it will eventually choose the right one, but in MS Excel, you can simply press Tab after entering the first few characters, and it'll scroll through all the matching cells so you can choose the right one without having to type out most of it.

Is it possible to do the same thing in Gnumeric? If so, how? (Tab doesn't do it.)

It is probably not possible at present. Please file a bug report,
(severity = enhancement).

My preference at this point would be to ditch the excel compatible
autocompletion in favour of a more firefox-ish dropdown approach.

Either way would be fine with me, as long as there's SOME way that I can use the autocomplete without having to type out the whole thing anyway.

I'll mention both methods when I file the RFE.

-Anthony DiSante

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