Encoding tax tables

Partly just because I wanted to play with Gnumeric, I was
trying to create a formula to compute overall tax rates from
marginal tax rates using this table:

I had one column with gross salaries ($10,000, $11,000, ...)
and another column with a long series of IFs: if the first
column is greater than $0 but less than or equal to $7,300,
do FOO; if greater than 7300 but <= 29700, do BAR; etc.

But this was a very long formula, and hence was quite
subject to human (read: my) error. Can anyone suggest an
easier way to encode this in a spreadsheet?

Stephen R. Laniel
steve laniels org
+(617) 308-5571
PGP key: http://laniels.org/slaniel.key

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