[PATCH] add graph window

The attached patch adds caps for opening a new window that just contains
a graph to Gnumeric.


1 we sometimes display scrollbars although it isn't aesthetically
pleasing (fit to height/width). This is due to GtkScrolledWindow
allocation issues. Without proper height-by-width management in GTK+, I
don't think it's fixable.

2 if the graph window persists longer than all the other toplevels, the
gnumeric shutdown functions spit warnings about non-freed ressources.
I see two ways of resolving this:
- set destroy_with_parent for the graph window. This requires an API for
getting the window a sheet object is associated with
- add a global list of graph windows, which are all destroyed before the
ressource check runs


the % sizes of the graph are relative to the window size, not absolute
to the passed-in graph size. This makes sense if you consider that for
fullscreen presentation, one often wants to zoom in.


+                    w->zoom_factor > 1.0 ?
+                    w->height < w->width * w->aspect_ratio :
+                    w->height > w->width * w->aspect_ratio))

is a bit fishy. However, I supposed that if one has an aspect ratio of
1.0, he expects the widget to scale like in the pie-demo. If the aspect
ratio is bigger, and no explicit reference direction is set, I use the
(relative) longer dimension, since using the shorter causes issues where
scrolling takes place with a hoffset/voffset != 0, which looks ugly.


the graph size in the window is wrong compared to the sheet object graph
size, it seems like by a constant factor


gog_object_get_child_by_name was added just for API completeness. It is
not needed by the rest of the patch.

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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