Re: sumif help

Wayne Schuller:

I'm trying to use sumif but I don't quite understand what conditions I
can use.

I have a table with two columns:

A       B
21      232
9       343
2       2

I want to sum the values in A where the value in B is BLANK.

Is there a way to do this using SUMIF?

So far the closest I get is: =sumif(B1:B10, ">0", A1:A10)
This forumula gives me the opposite of what I want.
Is there a NOT operator for the conditions? (I don't think I can use the
NOT() function in a condition?)
Is there a way of checking for BLANK/NULL in a condition? (again, this
is different from asking for the BLANK() function - I need to be able to
put it in the condition argument)

I've been googling all over the place for how to do this in excel, but
no luck.

I'd recommend using array formulas with function SUM as sum of products, where 
first member of product is cell value, second member result of condition (0 
or 1). Then by summing values, that do not satisfy condition, are 0.
If you have acces to Calc's manual, there are examples under 
SUM function, maybe they need to be modified somehow...


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