Gnumeric 1.4.3

Gnumeric 1.4.3 aka "The End of The Line" is now available.

    This is a bug fix release for 1.4.x with various minor patches. The main
    point of interest is that Ivan Wong has fixed Gtk's large window handing on
    WIN32 and the 1.4.3 packages for that platform is now considered ready for
    general usage. There are still missing pieces (printing and registry
    connections) but the core application can display smoothly now.


  * Jean Brefort
      + Fix crash in contour plots (Bug 166051).
      + Automatic bounds work with negative values in XY chart (Bug 164593).
      + Scrollbar and slider max values are now constant (Bug 165173).
      + Avoid recalculation of scrollbar and slider values when not necessary (
        Bug 166085).
  * J.H.M. Dassen (Ray)
      + Generate an error when no proper UTF-8 filename is produced when saving
        [Debian Bug 291265].
  * Jody
      + Fix xls import for fit to page.
      + Fix OFFSET for asymmetric ranges. [Bug 166764].
      + Fix SUMIF for asymmetric ranges. [Bug 166769].
      + Update xml schema. (thanks to Montel Laurent).
      + Fix the ui for 'in-list' and 'custom' validation.
      + Disable xmldocs.make regeneration to fix path to docs. [Bug 161404].
      + enable gnome_authentication_manager. [Bug 160777].
      + Honour explicit target sheets for CELL ("contents" [Bug 169802].
      + Screen zoom should not impact printing.
      + Fix XL import/export of validation's use drop-down flag.
      + Implement validate from list.
  * Jon Kare
      + Avoid a session-end hang.
  * Morten
      + Fix SUBSTITUTE. [Bug 165996].
      + Fix numeric inputs in xbase. [Bug 166311].
      + Fix number-of-decimals issue for print page setup.
      + Fix various old number rendering bugs. [Bug 170000].


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