Re: UI modal oddity

On Mon, 2005-07-03 at 16:59 -0600, David Stanaway wrote:
I was doing some work with multiple work books open and came across this
gotcha, but I wanted to check if this is normal or a bug before
bugzillering it.

When having multiple workbooks open, in one workbook, File:Open/Save
As...  leave the dialog open and get distracted with some other
application. Come back to gnumeric and try and interact with another
workbook (Having forgotten that there is a modal Open/Save As... dialog
still open), it appears that gnumeric is frozen although all
re-rendering damaged areas still takes place. There is no indication
that gnumeric is waiting for a modal dialog to be finished with.

a) The Open/Save As... dialog be modal for the workbook it was called
b) ... for the whole application
c) The Open/Save As... dialog should not be modal

I think it should be a, but it is actually b.

This is experienced with 1.4.1 in debian/sarge.

Why shouldn't it be (c)? The open dialog should surely by (c). For the
save as dialog (a) may be justifiably, but I don't see why it needs to
be modal at all.


Andreas J. Guelzow
Taliesin Software, Shelties, Pyr Sheps
and Shetland Sheep

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