Re: OpenDocument Spreadsheet support on Gnumeric && INdT collaboration

    I've read Morten's blog entry on which he comments about the OASIS
OpenDocument standard, and appreciated it very much from start to end.

Thanks.  (That would be
for reference.)

    Unfortunately, as it happens with the AbiWord filter, we do not have
the necessary resources to work on both OpenDocument Spreadsheet *and* 1.0 Spreadsheet support on Gnumeric.

Here are your choices:

* Use xls.  Yes, it's binary, bloated ans awful, but it's there and no-one can
   afford to ignore it.  You get interoperability.

* Use OpenOffice's format.  You get interoperability with OOo-calc, but probably
   only until such time they cut the link to this format.

* Use OpenDocument.  I believe this is a white elephant: there is no reference
   implementation to answer interpretation problems and the formulas level
   is not specified.  On top of this, it is H-U-G-E.  Prediction: everyone will
   implement their own quite small subset and interoperability will be very

    Last, but not least, I would like to know if there is someone
actively working on such plugin, so we can avoid duplicate work. Our
time frame to start is "immediately", meaning that we are already
working on this plugin, as I write this email.

There is something in gnumeric/plugins/openoffice/.


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