Re: patch: go-combo-font

On 6/9/05, Emmanuel Pacaud <emmanuel pacaud univ-poitiers fr> wrote:
After more thoughts on combo box use, I guess it could be usable if it
just displays a set of recent fonts, with an additional "Other..."
button which makes access to a font selection dialog. Here's a mockup of
how the drop down box could look. It's inspired from the font selection
button in gimp.

The idea is really nice, i will look into optionally show the "Other
..." entry, Of course this only makes sense if there's a filter
function to only show some fonts.

With regard to the thumbnails/families i'm not sure if the actual name
of a font is so much more important than what it looks like. Consider
these use cases:

1) User needs font for serious document. The font will be able to
render its name fine.
2) User needs font for random "decoration" symbols. The name of the
font is not very important.

This is based on the assumption that the user will have some sort of
"Insert Symbol" dialog at hand when in need of a particular glyph.
Therefore i'd rather provide a bigger thumbnails, maybe it would even
be sufficient to show the family name in a tooltip?.

As you can seen on the attached screenshot i have the theme-color
respecting cell renderer in place now. The screenshot also includes a
GtkCellRendererText for each theme for comparison.

Thanks for your feedback, 
- Rob

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