Re: multiple windows in gnumeric?

On Thu, 2005-09-06 at 12:59 -0500, frankbay winco net wrote:
Here's a related question.  When I use two views, even with the 
"unshared" option, any change on one sheet causes the second window to 
revert to the same sheet that was changed.  This is annoying behavior 
when referring to one sheet while making changes to another.

This is not supposed to happen. I cannot replicate that in current cvs
(essentially 1.5.1). If I have 2 views to the same sheet created with
"do not share cursor position" then making changes on one sheet does not
switch the other view to that sheet.

I think this will be fixed once you upgrade to 1.5.x. There have been
changes to the code cupporting views.

Andreas J. Guelzow
Taliesin Software, Shelties, Pyr Sheps
and Shetland Sheep

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