errors bulding gnumeric 1.5.1

I have built gnumeric 1.5.0 successfully, but I'm having trouble with 1.5.1. This is on a system where I don't have current gnome, and am building gnumeric with gtk2 (naturally) but without gnome.

The configure script runs without errors, and "make" proceeds OK to the point of linking, then I get

print-info.o(.text+0x70d): In function `print_info_save':
: undefined reference to `go_conf_get_node'

Numerous complaints about undefined references to various "go_conf_*" symbols follow. I haven't been able to determine where gnumeric expects to have these symbols resolved. It would seem, not in any of the libraries that were tested for by the configure script.

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University, NC

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