Re: Problems running gnumeric on osx

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 17:15:27 +0000, Andy Gemmill <andyg beeston-free org> wrote:

 ** (gnumeric:841): WARNING **: GnomePrint: Requested Sans but using Bembo
  Bold 10.000000)


 ** (gnumeric:841): WARNING **: Trying to fallback to 'Sans Regular'


 ** (gnumeric:841): WARNING **: GnomePrint: Requested Sans Regular but using
 o (Bembo Bold 10.000000)

 ** (gnumeric:841): WARNING **: Incomplete locale library, dates will be
month da
 y year

Will need fixing eventually, but should not cause any immediate problems.

 Segmentation fault

The show stops here.  You are going to need to run gnumeric under a debugger
and have it produce a stack trace so we can see where it is failing.


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