Sub- and superscripts?

I hate to look like a dumbass (I am -- just hate to look that way), but 
how do you get superscripts in text in Gnumeric?  For instance, how would 
you label a column x-squared?

In Excel, you can type in X2, highlight just the 2, then go to 
format-cells-font and click on superscript. In Gnumeric, if you highlight 
just the two, you can't get to the format-cells menu. And, all the time, 
if you're in format-cells-font, the sub- and superscript choices are 
grayed out. 

(This is on either the older versions, which I use in Linux, or the 1.4.2 
M$ Windows version some of my students are using.)

So what am I doing wrong? (And where is it in the docs?)


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