Re: Merging cells

On Thu, 2005-29-12 at 19:54 +0200, Uri David Akavia wrote:
I was trying to reproduce bug 87296 when I realized that I didn't see
how to merge.
I finally found the menu operation in the Fill menu, and it seems
extremely complicated. Is it absolutely necessary for this level of
complexity, and what is it supposed to do anyway?

The merge item in the fill menu does essentialy the spreadsheet
equivalent of "mail merging", i.e. creating "form-spreadsheets" based on
a sample sheet and a list of data. So the dialog allows you to match
cells in the sample sheet with fields in the data . I don't think that
is very complex and I don't see how you would want to reduce theat
complexity even further.

Bug 87296 of course has absolutely nothing to do with that menu item.
That bug refers to merged (combined) cells. To merge two adjacent cells,
select them and click on the "merge" button in the toolbar: it is to the
right of "centre across selection" and two to the left of "format as


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