Have these been fixed?

I'm still using gnumeric 1.4.3 in Fedora Core 3 because of a shortage of time to manage an upgrade (relying on the "devil you know" principle). Part of upgrading gnumeric appears to require newer versions of some gnome libraries. This distribution seems locked into gnome 2.8 although it claims to prefer gnome to KDE (I use KDE and have found an official upgrade to 3.4.2). When I have more time, I will also join your bugzilla (or activate a previous membership if I joined at an earlier time). There are two things that I have noticed:

(1) Copying a cell containing a number like 3.14 to paste in the window of another application only gives 3 in the clipboard if the cell is in general format, but shows the part after the decimal point in a number format.

(2) I was just given some Excel worksheets. They load correctly in gnumeric, but an attempt to save in gnumeric format crashes gnumeric. (Bugzilla shows this as an active issue, but the sheets contain confidential information, so I can't share them. However, I can run some tests if there is anything to be learned from this old version of gnumeric.

--RT Bumby

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