Re: Locale: why does Gnumeric think I'm an American?!

Yeah, I fixed it thanks.

I set it in .bashrc.

Before I was trying en_UK.UTF-8 (seemed logical) where of course I wanted en_GB.UTF-8.

I don't know which locale people in Northern Island are supposed to use!

Chris Seaton

Nicholas Lamb wrote:
On Sun, Aug 28, 2005 at 10:47:03PM +0100, Chris Seaton wrote:

What do I have to do to change this?

It depends...

I'm using Gnumeric 1.4.3 on Linux 2.6, Fedora 4.

I'm pretty sure when I installed I told Fedora I was in the UK (several times, actually, time zone, keyboard, language...). There doesn't seem to be any applet in Fedora or Gnome to change my locale settings, so what do I do? Where does Gnumeric take the hint from? Please don't tell me it's hardcoded to be American.

It's more than possible that you've managed to /install/ the UK locale
but without actually choosing it as your default.

Check the output of 'locale' as already mentioned in this thread, and
if it's wrong (should be 'en_GB.UTF-8') you can fix it system wide from
Desktop -> System Settings -> Language
simply choose English (Great Britain). If it's not listed then, despite
your best intentions, you didn't install UK locale support.

You can also edit the file /etc/sysconfig/i18n if you don't like or
trust Red Hat's config tools.

OTOH if locale reports en_GB.UTF-8 but your new spreadsheets all come
out with US$ and other oddities then you may have found a bug, which
you should report to the GNOME Bugzilla iirc.

Do I need to set some environment variables or something? How come Fedora didn't do that?

It worked fine for me, and for many other people. So either you made
a mistake or you've found a somewhat obscure bug.

What will happen to my existing Gnumeric files? Will they change to meet my new locale?

That's an interesting question, iirc format details (like £ signs) are
preserved, but this is a tricky area in general. We want to preserve
meaning, yet we also want to be locale sensitive.

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