Re: Solver crash and question

Le samedi 20 août 2005 à 12:31 +0200, Pere Pujal i Carabantes a écrit :

Playing with solver I get a crash:

put in A1  =a2+a3

go to tools-->Solver

Set Target Cell-->A1
By Changing Cells --> A2:A3

In Constraints tab:
Left Hand Side A1  <=  Right Hand Side=Empty Cell
Add and Solve

I get a crash in 1.5.3
Can someone reproduce?

Yes, please file a bug report.

Now the question.

Is Solver the right tool for this problem?:

Need to cut:
80 bar size 648.4 mm 
100 bar size 768.4 mm 
100 bar size 708.4 mm 

Original bar size= 6400 mm

ideal rests should be
rest<30mm  or  768.4mm<rest<1248.4mm

How many Original bar I need?

Hmm, I don't think the solver supports "or" at the moment, but I might
be wrong.
Jean Bréfort <jean brefort normalesup org>

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