Gnumeric on Windows: Theme

Thanks for your pointers.

It does look like we should use the gtk-wimp theme and their gtkrc by
default. The critical piece is the size of the toolbar icons (16x16) but
the other pieces are also nice. The new gtk-wimp .dll and gtkrc fixed
the scrollbars in windows xp, but broke them differently under windows
classic ;-).

And we crash/freeze when the user changes themes...

a longer list to follow into Bugzilla someday.

Still, GnumericOnWin rocks---it looks better under xp than it does under
my linux desktop. I'll have to switch to 16x16 icons throughout--wonder
how one does that.


Morten Welinder wrote:
Please make sure you are using the gtk-wimp theme.  Things should look
like at


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