Re: Random notes about Gnumeric on Windows.

Pie in the sky:
   Are we ever going to be able to reduce the size of our GUI elements?
We look like a baby toy next to the "serious" tiny print excel. We are
wasting gobs and gobs of screen estate.

That's a gtk+ theme issue, really.  Try adding these to your gtkrc file
(the one that would be ~/.gtkrc-2.0 on the Unix side):

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
gtk-icon-sizes =

gtk-toolbar-icon-size = small-toolbar

gtk-button-images = 0

style "default"
  GtkUIManager::add_tearoffs = 0
  GtkComboBox::add_tearoffs = 0
  GOComboBox::add_tearoffs = 0
class "*" style "default"
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dom would know more -- the above are from his bug reports.

Pie in outer space:
   Any reason we couldn't have the windows version behave like excel
with multiple files, that is with lots of files within a bigger
container (named MDI?)? Wouldn't our model-view-controler separation
handle the situation? Not that we would want to do this, but *could*
gnumeric do it?

I think the situation is that we really, really do not want to.  And
that therefore
no-one is spending any effort on even trying and that bug reports are
getting WONTFIXed.

   The arrows on the buttons for the drop down list (i.e. font) are on a
button so large the arrows don't seem attached to their respective
boxes. Also by being in the middle of the button, an arrow between could
be attached to either

I hope the above helps here too.  Otherwise, please file a bug report with
a screen shot.

   The arrows at the end of the toolbar, when the toolbar is larger than
the app window width, don't indicate enough what they are about. Perhaps
the background of the button could look like a torn toolbar. In Excel,
the button sits on a background of a different colour which really
indicates its 'meta' behaviour.

The extenders should not be needed after the above on regularly sized

   Tooltips have the same dark grey as the app for a background, makes
reading the tooltip hard and doesn't separate the tooltip as a
highlighted element as well as changing the background colour would.

Bugzilla with screen shot, please.

   The scrollbar arrows don't look like arrows.

Certainly gtk+.  No idea otherwise.
?GTK? ?Gnumeric's use of GTK?
   Neither the file open nor file save dialogs have help buttons.

That would be a gnumeric issue.  (The unix side does not have it either.)

   Blocking errors don't stay on top.

Hmm.  Better bugzilla that.


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