[PATCH] Gnumeric on Maemo Platform

Hi all,

   Attached to this e-mail is the last patch to Gnumeric to make it run
in Maemo Platform. I have downloaded the last CVS version today (August
11th) and the patch can be applied to it.

   * Main changes include:

     - Full Hildon Support (many files affected).
     - In workbook-control-gui.c i have moved the code that asks user if
he wants to save the file (in wbcg_close_if_user_permits()) to a
separated function.
     - Every workbook (new or opened) will use the same window. So, for
example, if the user is working on one sheet and he wants to open
another file, he will be asked to save the current one before opening
the other one. We had do to it due to memory restricitions in Nokia 770.

   * TODO:

     - Adjust dialogs to fit the screen. Right now, i am working on the
dialogs and when it is done i will send another patch to cover this
specific task.

   I'd like to thank everyone involved in this great project, specially
Jody and Morten for the very useful tips and i hope this patch will be

   Best Regards, Eduardo (etrunko).

Eduardo de Barros Lima
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
eduardo lima indt org br

Attachment: gnumeric-maemo_support-20050811.patch.gz
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