Re: Exporting to HTML


I'm working right now on this section of the documents :-)

To see the borders, you have to explicitly add them as formating
objects to the cells and then you have to use the html 4.0 (or 4.0
fragment) exporter. By default, we pretend that the sheet is white and
ignore the gridlines.

Please note however, that you may have to tweak things a bit both in
your worksheet and in the html code generated. For example, say you
have four cells layed out in a box, say A1:B2, then you have a
vertical border in A1 between A1 and B1, and a vertical border in B2
between A2 and B2, then the borders won't line up because html tables
consider those different borders while gnumeric considers them the
same border. We will have to rethink things eventually. For now
consider our HTML support as a quick and dirty setup that will become
fantastically beautiful someday.

all the best,

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