Re: Question Re: WorkbookControlGUI object.

G'day All,

I'm working with Dr. Twardy on a 'tool' for Gnumeric to implement the MML clustering algorthym Vanilla Snob.

In this tool, if inappropriate data is entered I wish to be able to pop up a message instructing the user 
what is wrong and why, though the use of the function - 'gnumeric_notice (wbcg, GTK_MESSAGE_INFO, msg)'

The problem I have is - while I have the current workbook object (thanks to help from Andreas Guelzow), I 
dont have the 'WorkbookControlGUI' object for the current workbook which 'gnumeric_notice' requires.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I get it? Or am I coming at things from completly the 
wrong angle?

You're right. We really should have a method Workbook.get_gui(). Can
you bugzilla this?

But once you got the wbcg, you would notice that gnumeric_notice isn't
wrapped from Python, either. I don't think we're going to wrap
it at all. Just use.

                  message_format="Put your message here")

You can do this right now.  If Workbook.get_gui() had been implemented,
you would change parent to "workbook.get_gui().get_window()". That
would make the dialog stay on top of Gnumeric and be iconized and
deiconized with it. Nice, but not terribly important.

Hope this helps

Jon Kåre

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