Re: Questions about Gnumeric 1.3

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 06:08:25PM +0200, Uri David Akavia wrote:
1)What features of the 1.2 series aren't present yet in the latest 
Gnumeric 1.3? I'm thinking about upgrading in order to test the 1.3 series.

1.3.92 should now be a superset of 1.2

2)The debian website has gnumeric 1.3.90 available in experimental. Is 
this the current version? If so, I seem to have missed the announcment. 
It also seems rather fast. If it isn't the current version, should 
someone tell the Debian maintainer (I volunteer if it is necessary)?

1.3.92 will come out some time this weekend as 1.4.0-rc1

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