Re: Some ideas for next version

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 12:13:29PM +0100, Jean Bréfort wrote:

- pivot tables (I don't use that so often and I was somewhat surprised,
but everybody but one asked for them).

This is high on the list.

- translation of function names as is xl an OOo-calc (this has already
been discussed).

As soon as we branch we're going to implement the long awaited
function doc separation that would give us the hooks necessary to
implement this.
And much less often:
- scripting.
This is also high priority.  On par with pivots.

- 3D graphics.
To my mind there are two types of 3d.
- surface plots : These would potentially be useful
- 3d bar/col/pie ... : I really can not see the allure.  If someone
  wants to write this we would review the patch, but it's not on the
  list of things that seem important.

- curve fitting in graphs.
This would definitely be nice, along with several other extensions
to the charting engine.


We tend to keep our working notes in
Although it currently focuses on 1.4.1

To your list I'd add
    - RTL text/layout (This is partly done already)
    - persistence for external references
    - the libgoffice split

However, I'd also like to note that we're considering moving to
6 month release cycles.

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