Building Gnumeric docs on Win32

Hey All,

Here's an explanation for how to build the gnumeric docs on win32
platforms, posted here for posterity. This strategy requires:

        -- a working 'nix build platform
        -- xsltproc and xmllint tools (substitutes should work fine)
        -- the stylesheets from norm's distro
                (these are assumed to be in the path listed in the
                gnumeric-driver.xsl file in the CVS repository:
        -- the icons from yelp
        -- 'nix zip
        -- windows 
        -- unzip on windows
        -- the Microsoft HTML builder

For the last of these, several projects are aiming to be replacements.
Check in on these to see if they have progressed.


For useful info, see:

        Deploying HTML Help by Robert Chandler
        (or .zip)
        The help compiler and files are in Hcwsetup.exe
        links to tools like mkindex.exe

Overview of the process:
        Docbook --> ....chm

Docbook must become:
        A project file .hhp
        The Topic files .html (the major content)
        The Content files .hhc (the table of contents)
        The Index files .hhk (for the index search)
        [TODO: use mkindex]
        The Images and others .png

Then this slew must be compiled into a .chm file.
on windows: hhc file.hhp (requires hh.exe & hha.dll in path) 

(Somehow the windows gnumeric.exe must call the help system, but that's
for the developers to figure out.)

How To Build Gnumeric Docs on Win32:


        cd some_working_dir
        cvs -z3 co gnumeric
        cd gnumeric/doc/C/
        mkdir htmlhelpdocs
        mkdir htmlhelpdocs-cleaned


        xmllint --valid --no-out gnumeric.xml

Make html files:

        cd htmlhelpdocs
        xsltproc -o . ../gnumeric-driver.xsl ../gnumeric.xml
        xmllint --valid --noout --html *.html
          for f in *.html; \
            do xmllint --format --html $f \ 
              > ../htmlhelpdocs-cleaned/$f; \

Place all files together and bundle:

        cd ../htmlhelpdocs-cleaned/
        (for the paranoid) xmllint --valid --noout --html *.html
        cp ../htmlhelpdocs/*.hh* .
        cp -R ../figures .
        cp -R /usr/share/yelp/icons figures/.
        zip -r *

Transfer zip file to windows:

Unzip file:
        (ususally can right click on the file)

Open in HTML Workshop
        Double click on .hhp --> launches the workshop

        one of the buttons causes the project to be compiled
        and generates the .chm file

        double click on gnumeric.chm

Hope that helps you all,


Adrian Custer <acuster nature berkeley edu>

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