Gnumeric 1.2.13

Gnumeric 1.2.13 aka "Implicit Operator Iteration" is now available.

    This is a medium priority release. We finally seem to have fixed the xls export
    issues around sheet local names and dealt with text overflow for really large
    workbooks. Andreas chipped in with some LaTeX export fixes and patches for
    printing problems. While we were playing with Glynn's film game we noticed a
    problem at the bottom of some of the pictures. Morten found the missing 8 bytes
    and the jpgs look clear now.

    This release also has a few nifty features backported. Most importantly, it
    includes the last of the implicit iteration support for operators. We now support
    (as far as I know) all of Ms Excel's evaluation techniques. Bring on your
    favourite array-expressions please. I'd like to hear about any failures. While we
    were in there I threw in a low risk patch to import gradients from xls.

    New development is continuing in HEAD based on gtk-2.4


  * Andreas:
      + Handle borders in latex export correctly (broken in 1.2.12 only) (bug 142219)
      + Handle borders in latex export correctly (bug 142219)
      + fix grid printing (bug 143577)

  * Emmanuel Pacaud:
      + In a line graph, don't use '0' if Y value is missing. (bug 142212)

  * Jody:
      + Fix MS XL crash when there are too many strings (bug 141940)
      + xls import gradient backgrounds in chart elements
      + Restore the font selector to chart editors
      + Support series with no entry in a legend
      + Fix drawing selection below hidden merged cells (bug 142267)
      + Fix xls named expression and addin import/export (bug 103054)
      + Use first rather than last conditional value fmt as catch-all (bug 142474)
      + Enable implicit iteration for operators
      + Re-enable gridline printing (bug 143577)

  * Morten:
      + Fix image-inside-xls problem.
      + Improve error handling in xbase plugin.
      + Fix parser problem with single empty arg after expression.


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