RE: underlying asset?

===== Original Message From Tino Meinen <a t meinen chello nl> =====
In translating the derivative functions, I noticed that the definition
of volatility sometimes differs per function:

somtimes it is:
@volatility is the annualized volatility of the underlying asset\n
sometimes it is:
@volatility is the annualised volatility in price of the underlying \n

Is the last form missing the word 'asset'?
If it is, I'll be happy to make a bugreport, but as I'm not familiar
with the financial lingo, I thought I better ask first.


Also noticed "or the period through to the exercise date. ". Should be 
"for the period through to the exercise date. "

gmorten, do you speak financial? Somebody qualified should do a quick scan of 
these texts.


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