Gnumeric 1.3.2

Gnumeric 1.3.2 aka "Did a skunk stinct the dinosaurs ?" is now available.

    This release transitions from development to beta and begins the run up to
    the next release. Emmanuel has been on a tear in the charting engine
    improving the rendering and adding mapping support to axes. We've also been
    busy in xls export. Jon Kåre added image export and I've been tweaking bits
    to improve compatibility with MS formulas. We've finally landed Uwe
    Steinmann's landed Paradox db importer. Re-enabling the psion importer and
    ssconvert should put us back on par with 1.2.x.

    NOTE : We have now jumped to a SAX based exported for .gnumeric files. It
    is significantly faster and lighter but it is a major change. Please check
    your double check your files.

    The win32 port is structurally complete. All known patches have been
    applied, and people have smoke test builds. It's not ready for production
    use but with some tuning there should be an installer shortly.


  * Andreas
      + Improve `F-Test' tool.
      + Some minor About box changes. (Bug 149247.)
      + Fix database functions. (Bug 149945.)
  * Emmanuel Pacaud
      + Add logarithmic mapping and invert axis support.
      + Zoom support for markers and error bars.
      + Move sharp libart rendering tweaks to pixbuf renderer.
      + Improve chart SVG export.
      + Improve chart printing. (Bug 132063.)
      + Fix minor tick rendering.
      + Add labels to radar axis. (Bug 144123.)
      + Don't clip markers to plot area. (Bug 139397.)
  * Harald Ashburner
      + Updates for the option pricers. (Bug 142255.)
      + Pricers for
          o American/European options to exchange one asset for another
          o Options on spreads between futures
          o Payouts on the most favorable state during a period.
  * Jody
      + Use SAX exporter by default.
      + Enable 'popup-menu' binding support.
      + Add tooltip for object resizing.
      + Misc ancient array formula parsing and entry problems.
      + Jump to lp_solve 5.0.
      + Jump to GLPK 4.5.
      + Add a View -> Windows menu.
      + Work on tightening up XL compat of array functions.
      + Improve xls export for obscure xl eval modes.
      + Improve XL/OO compat for RANK().
      + XLS import of full page charts.
      + sax export of comments without authors. (Bug 150530.)
      + fix breakage in ins/del col/row caused by dsum changes. (Bug 150792.)
      + Update the resize handles if the current object's size changes. (Bug
      + XL can not handle plots with no data, filter them. (Bug 151144.)
      + center ticks for bar/col plots too. (Bug 151150.)
      + Clip large dbf files to compile time file limits. (Bug 143724.)
  * Jon Kåre
      + Export images to Excel.
      + Read images from native Gnumeric format.
      + Read and save images we cannot render without loss to and from Excel
        and native Gnumeric format.
      + Add 'Save As' menu entry for image objects.
      + Add format chooser to 'Save As' dialog for images and graphs.
      + Resurrect the Psion Sheet importer.
      + Fix file drag from nautilus -> gnumeric.
      + Fix "Save changes?" bug.
  * Morten
      + Add Ctrl-5 for strike-through. (Bug 151152.)
      + Add Ctrl-Shift-D for double underline.
      + Fix error return for GEOMEAN and HARMEAN.
      + Fix IMCONJUGATE and IMABS for reals. [Bug 148323, backported].
      + New function INVSUMINV.
      + Fix crash with format toolbar in menu mode.
      + Fix crash on exit. [backported].
      + Fix ssconvert output.
      + Fix potential lexer crash.
      + Fix graph guru crash in the absense of graph plugins. (Bug 150821.)
  * Uwe Steinmann
      + Paradox DB import.
  * Yukihiro Nakai
      + Export links when saving as html.
      + Add actions for www and bug reporting.
      + Fix perl plugin. (Bug 151273.)


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