Re: Help, problem with gnumeric/python

On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 22:49, Andrzej Grzegorcyzk wrote:

I try to write a plugin to use xmgrace with gnumeric. My procedure 
works, but in the moment when I try to change data in spreadsheet  I can 
do it but only (max) two times. Data from spreadsheet are plotted 
correctly first time (just after loading xmgrace_tmp.gnumeric), then one 
more time when I change data (in this moment xmgrace plot is updated) 
and when I try to do it one more time gnumeric crash (I can't send any 
extra data because I do not have any information from gnumeric).
I'm not sure but problem is with this procedure
def range_ref_to_tuples(range_ref):
This is standard procedure that I copy from Internet but I don't know 
where is the problem.
As a attachment I send (plugin) (standard xmgrace library - from internet) (-"-)
xmgrace_tmp.gnumeric (demo file - try to change data in the spreadsheet 
gnumeric shoud crash if not please send me e-mail)

I test it on 1.2.13 and 1.2.12 version of gnumeric and I have still the 
same problem.
Can somebody help me?

I'll have a look tonight

Jon Kåre

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