Re: Gnumeric

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 02:33:47PM -0700, Bill Allocca wrote:

The link for downloading Gnumeric is not working for

blah, web rot.  We'll get it fixed.  Thanks.
wait a sec.  I can't find that link anythere.

is current.  Where did you see the other one ?
Is there any other way I can get Gnumeric?

Several.  It really depends on your goals, and skill set.  At one
end of the spectrum are the various binary packages (most major
distros are shipping 1.1.x in their test releases now).  A middle
ground is to use something like garnome, which will build all of
gnome including gnumeric.  You can always just download one of the
release tarballs from
or to get access to gnome cvs.

Also - is there a core spreadsheet calculation
"engine" in Gnumeric?  If so, can you identify the
component which contains the core spreadsheet
calculation "engine"?

Everything is currently in one executable right now, but there is a
fairly strong separation between the ui and the core.  For 1.3.x
we'll be making an explicit libgnumeric to facilitate reuse.  For
now its pretty trivial to create a distinct, non-gui wrapper for
things.  All you'd need to do would be to use a CommandContextStderr
for commands, and to avoid creating any Controls ontop of the views.
You'd be able to load and save things, and perform recalcs.  Due to
a limitation of libbonobo (a depend for libgnome that we're stuck
with until 1.3.x) you'll need an X DISPLAY, but nothing will
actually appear.

Hope that helps

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