Re: Graphing - axis tick autospacing

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 04:05:42PM +0200, Jean Brefort wrote:

After more reflection, I think that the zero pull should be optionnaly
removed at least for xy plots as is usual in scientific works (a check
box can be added in the axis properties page).

I was against adding yet another flag to the axis bound
specification.  However, we're going to need a few extras for radial
plots so I've decided that instead of adding more aguments to :

        GOData    *(*axis_bounds)       (GogPlot *plot, GogAxisType axis,
                                         double *min, double *max,
                                         double *logical_min, double *logical_max,
                                         gboolean *is_discrete);

I'll move to

        struct {
                unsigned fields_of_interest;

                double  minima, maxima;
                double  logical_minima, logical_maxima,
                unsigned   n;
                gboolean   pull_to_zero;
                gboolean   is_discrete;
                GOData    *discrete_labels;
        } GogAxisBounds;
        void (*axis_bounds)  (GogPlot *plot, GogAxisType a, GogAxisBounds *res);

I'd still like to keep the number of fields relatively low, but it
will give us better support for discrete axis labels, and will allow
for N & max specification for radial plots.

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