Re: Gnome-free Gnumeric?

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 05:05:47AM +0000, Tom Goulet wrote:

Is it possible to build Gnumeric without Gnome?

Abiword without Gnome works really well.  In the mean time, I only have
SIAG for Gnome- and KDE-free GUI spreadsheet editors.  Gnumeric without
Gnome would probably be perfect.

I seem to recall there were non-Gnome versions in Gnumeric prehistory.
Do you think any of those versions would work at least as well as SIAG?
If so, at what version should I look?

1) Gnumeric requires many gnome libraries to be installed, but it
   does not require that you run gnome.

2) We're working to slim down the number of gnome libraries required
   so that we can run under win32.  Things should be done this year.

3) I doubt any version existed that did not require libgnomeui.
   Even if such a thing did exist you would not want to run it.

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