Little text import bug ?

OS FreeBSD - 4.8
Gnumeric 1.2.1


 When I import a set of columns using Gnumeric's "Instant Awk" text importer, 
I cannot uncheck the columns in the third import screen. Could anyone be so 
kind and check to see if this bug hapens for them also?

To reproduce:

1) Copy the numbers below and paste them into Gnumeric:

 0.509      1.979      6.966
 1.414      2.219     15.751
 0.608      2.520      7.512
 0.103      3.445      0.691
 0.079      4.064      0.359
 0.035      4.236      0.204
2) Click Forward and select "See two separators as one"
3) Click Forward again and try to uncheck the first column in the  data 
section. The check box won't respond.
4) However if you right click and select "Ignore all columns on left" or 
"Ignore all columns on right" the checkboxes will now become active.


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