calling haskell fron gnumeric

I have worked through `add2numbers' and how
to add a new plugin function to gnumeric.
Ditto using the Haskell FFI (i.e. H' to C) interface.
So in principle those are the 2 sides of
calling Haskell code from gnumeric.

So it comes to the "configure & make" process in the middle --
i.e. how (and then how best) to have it call the haskell
compiler (ghc 6+ if available) and have all the bits come together.
I think this is a bit tougher than "cp fn-date/" and edit.

Any suggestions, please?
is a potential  .../plugins/haskell/
   FFI*.*              a sanity-check C+Haskell program.
   functions.c         (plugin, C calls ...)
   functionsH.hs       (... Haskell, in theory)
   functionsH_stub.c   (generated by ghc)
   functionsH_stub.h   (ditto)

Lloyd ALLISON,  CSSE, Monash University, Victoria, Australia 3800.
web:    tel: +61 3 9905 5205
use:  OpenOffice:

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