Re: Graphing - Axis labels

Le sam 08/11/2003 à 15:42, Emmanuel Pacaud a écrit :

Currently, labels for non discrete axis start from user set minimum and
go upward until clipped. For example, if data are in the  [0.0 , 10.0]
range, and user set minimum of y axis to -0.2, labels will be:

-0.2, 1.8, 3.8, 5.8, 7.8, 9.8, 11.8

This is how XL and openoffice do.

Some think that is wrong,

and believe labels should be:

0.0, 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0

I made a patch that implements this behavior. But Jody pointed out the
fact that in this case, user lost control over direct tick placement.

So, a solution could be an option. User will have choice between:

    - Count from Min <current default> 
    - Count from Max 
    - Ticks at logical intervals <my patch>

Any comments ?

It seems quite sensible. IMHO, rounded labels are much more clear.
Incidentally, this was not the problem described in the patch (it has
been fixed since), but was a secundary request.

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